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Midwest Property Logistics came highly recommended from a former co-worker of mine who works in multi-family construction. After contacting MPL about my planned basement and kitchen renovation in my historic 1920’s home, they quickly arranged a meeting to discuss the scope of work and my overall goals. MPL provided estimates on a few different designs and ultimately, we came to an agreement on the final contract price with alternate bids in the event I wanted to add something into the scope of work during the construction. I appreciated this upfront work and felt like we were always on the same page regarding MPL’s role and responsibilities.

Everyone I met was nice and knowledgeable. The project was completed within budget, with exception to a few unforeseen items and me adding additional work along the way. This pushed the schedule some but MPL did their best to keep the crews on task. Overall communication of the budget and schedule was key, and MPL did a good job keeping me up to date. I would highly the MPL team to any homeowner or organization and would not hesitate to use them in the future.
Andrea KentHomeowner

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